The Greatest

Baseball Game Never Played



July 14, 1982

So there won’t be any of the current stars of the game.

Representing the American League:

Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Rod Carew, Carl Yastrzemski, Whitey Ford, Cy Young & Rollie Fingers

Representing the National League

Pete Rose, Mike Schmidt, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Sandy Koufax, Bob Gibson & Tom Seaver

And many more!

Broadcasters: Jack Buck (see below) and Lindsey Nelson





Who is this HR Derby guy?

Milo Hamilton

Track 4: A Call for the Ages

Hank Aaron’s Historic HR

Jon Miller

Track 8: Rain Delay Convention

Pat Hughes

Track 9: Game 7 of 2016 World Series

Another Call for the Ages

Why Baseball and Radio

Were Meant for Each Other

Daily Herald columnist Steve Zalusky’s article reminiscing about

when he bought

this album in 1971 reminded me that

I have a copy of my own. 

Read the article

Since it is now 50 years old

it seems like it would be OK

to share it with baseball fans.

Clay Jenkinson

Creator of

The Jefferson


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