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To play in the Next Round email full name and

twelve numbers from 1 to 69

$10 Entry Fee being deducted from that Rounds Total Dollars.  Game is operated strictly by email. After players provide their twelve numbers they receive two emails a week, usually on Thursday and Monday mornings in which the previous PowerBall drawn numbers are removed from everybody’s lists.

During a calendar year there are usually 6 to 7 Rounds played. 

Players are encouraged to be paid for the current Round being played and at least one additional Round.

Aimed at the non-sports people out there this game uses twice weekly PowerBall Numbers to determine winners. Entries provide twelve numbers from 1 - 69. Following each Wednesday and Saturday PowerBall Drawing numbers are removed from players lists. The first entry to clear all twelve of their numbers is the winner. A typical ‘Round’ of play lasts from 10 - 12 PowerBall Draws over 5-6 weeks. The Cost to Play is $10 per Entry. Winnings are based on the number of entries, with the entry,    or entries, with the Most Numbers Left when a winner is determined ‘earning’ a FREE Future Round Entry with that

Operated by Wayne Giza via email