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No need for details, but those of you who have  been in the Derby for the last few years may recall that I have had a ‘troubled’ relationship with Salvador Perez. To the point where I once vowed   to never include him on a Derby list in the future. But he is also one of my favorite players and deserved to be on the list this year.

Maybe it is that he wears uniform #13. And this really wasn’t his fault, but for the Update for Games Played thru June 13 he was credited with 11 HRs, the number he hit in the shortened 2020 season, not the 16 he has crashed so far in 2021.

Many Derbiers have emailed me about this (I did not reply to any because there were MANY) and   all Reports have been corrected as of June 16.

Reports for Games Played

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Pinch Hitter Deadline 3PM (CT) Monday June 28

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